Special Thanks

This section is only for people you don't see in the videos. These friends were instrumental in the behind the scenes, and volunteered their time and services because they believed in me, or because I promised them sexual favors. The people who were in the videos---you guys know how much I love you. Thank you so much for being in them, and you'll always have something really ridiculous to show your grand kids.

Adam Mutchler: Adam is just as responsible for these videos as I am. He directed and helped make my vision possible. I am funny. Adam made me wayyy funnier. Without him, none of this would have been possible. This summer has been amazing dude! I told you it would be an adventure!!!

Steve McClean: Steve is a recent friend that I met in LA and he helped edit the videos with Adam and I. He is an awesome dude, and he really has a great eye for editing. Oh, and he has a hot girlfriend. So mad props for pulling that Stevo! If you want to check out his website, you can go to www.stevemcclean.com

Michael Malone: Michael is one of my best friends in the world. He also happens to hang with the hottest girls in the world too. Good friend to have! He is the top promoter in South Beach, and him and his partner Marko introduced me to so many people that helped make these videos possible. You can check out Michael and Marko's company at www.yourworldentertainment.com. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he helped edit too! Marko, I love you too buddy! Couldn't have done this without you either!

Dagmar Weaver: Dagmar is an amazing director of photography, and she helped us light a couple of the scenes in the videos. If we had her for all the scenes, the videos would have been even better, but she is a busy busy girl and her DPing skills are in high demand. Heh. I said DPing skills.

Amy Goetz: Amy and I met in a club in LA the first week I was out here. Who knew you could actually meet someone cool in a douchie Hollywood club. Amy is a costume designer, and she helped make many of the costumes in the video, including the Reeses costume that Andy Dick wore. She donated her time and talents to the project, but wants everyone to know that if you ever need any project done, big or small, give her a shout-amygoetz@yahoo.com

Maxx Burman and Dan McCauley: What can I say about Maxx and Dan? Not only are they awesome dudes, but they also happen to be incredibly talented artists. These guys are my official artists for all my videos now! They painted and designed our set for Ass on Fire, and we threw Dan in the video when we found an extra Mexican wrestling mask. Maxx--I'm gonna show you the 21st birthday party of your life when you come visit me in Miami!

Tucker Capps: Tucker helped shoot our Reeses Band scene and totally rocked it out, despite coming back from China the day before and being seriously jet lagged!

Nick Malfatano: Nick helped out on the Ass on Fire shoot and we threw him in a scene with Dan as Mexican wrestlers.

Elias Zepeda: Elias lent us his office at the very last second, thanks to a facebook post I put up begging my friends for an office to shoot in. We literally did not have an office until the day before our scheduled shoot, and Elias came in and saved the day. First Class!

Dylan Jutt: Dylan helped us the day we shot at Elmo's house for the band scene and M&M Peanut scene, and worked his ass off carrying equipment up and down 3 flights of stairs 1000 times. Thanks homie!

Chris Murray: Chris was my roommate for the summer, and was awesome about lending me his truck and introducing me to all his friends. Chris saved the day for the Reeses band shoot, because if he hadn't lent me his truck on 2 minutes notice, I wouldn't have been able to pick up the risers from the rental company to set up our stage! Thanks buddy!

Alex Demille: Alex helped us light the milk pour scene, as well as the pixie stix scene. He spent all night with us that night, and without him, those scenes wouldn't have looked that cool.

Gabe/Jeremy/Tyler/Calvin: Gabe is my best friend from college, and him and his roommates lent me their house to shoot many of the Morning Wood scenes. I basically kicked Jeremy out of his bedroom for an entire Sunday, and I also stole his pink bikini bottom out of his closet. He claims that they were there in case girls wanted to go for a swim, and didn't have a bikini on them. Riiiiiiiight!

Hernany/Damien/Sven: These are Adam's roommates, and they had to put up with us constantly shooting in the house. Almost all of the scenes from Reeses were shot there, as well as my upcoming video "Ass on Fire." Thanks guys!

Andy Dick: Ok, I know I said I would only thank people who were not in the videos, but Andy gets a special thank you because he is a star, and he donated his time for me. Andy gets 10000 giant gold stars, because he was cool enough to believe in my vision, and believe that I would put together a great finished product.

Ryan Haft: Ryan recorded and engineered my album, and did an awesome job. He was fun and great to work with, and he even threw in some backup vocals in Morning Wood!

Chris Allen: Chris has been a good friend of mine for years, and helped with a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. I can't tell you exactly what he did, because he likes to remain mysterious like that.

Target: Thanks for having such a generous return policy. Without it I wouldn't have been able to afford to make these videos!

And finally, Mom and Dad: They both helped with holding the makeshift board that created the flickering light scene for Reeses. And, of course, they are my parents, so I have to thank them for creating me. Mom still hasn't watched the videos yet, but one day, I hope she will.