Should Be Legalized


Q. Is Charlotte really singing on the track, or did you just get a hot girl to lip synch for the video?

A. That is actually Charlotte's voice.  Charlotte is 19 years old, from The Netherlands, and is an absolutely amazing vocalist and singer/songwriter.   I have no doubt that you guys will be seeing a lot more of her.  I don't think it will take more than 2 weeks for someone to sign her.  She has supermodel looks and incredible musical talents. 

Q.  Are the 4 of you guys really friends?

A.  Absolutely.  No one was a stranger before I put together this video.  Valerie and Charlotte are best friends and used to live together.  Michael is one of my closest friends in the world.  When I had the idea to write this song, I knew from the very beginning who I wanted in this video. 

Q.  Were you really smoking weed in the video?

A.  No comment :)

Q.  How long did it take you to make the video? 

A.  Adam and I were working on other music videos when I had the idea to make this video, and we knew that with the timing of the Prop 19 election on November 2nd, we had to drop everything we were doing to make this and put it out as fast as possible.  From conception to finished product, it took us 2 weeks.  I wrote the song, then Char and I recorded it, then we shot the music video, and then we worked on it for a week in post and editing.  The actual shooting only took 3 days.  One day for Charlotte.  One day for me.  And one day for Valerie and Michael.