Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do you actually perform as a comedian, or do you only create music videos? 

A.  I am a stand-up comic and I bring my guitar on stage with me.  And unlike Weird Al, people actually laugh during my shows.

Q.  If you’re a stand-up comic, where did you come from?   We’ve never seen you before, and can’t find any of your sets on youtube.

A.  I know.  I came out of nowhere.   But that’s not entirely an accident.  I have never allowed anyone to film any of my live comedy sets.    

Q.  When can we hear some of your other stuff? 

A.  Now I’m not just gonna give out everything for free all at once.  I’m a tease, not a slut.  You have to stroke it for a while before I bust.  How bout this: If either of my first two music videos hit 5 million hits on youtube, I’ll post a new song that was performed live.

Q.  Tell us more about the music videos. 

A.  That’s not a question asshole.  Oh wait.  I’m the one writing these FAQ’s, so I guess I’d be calling myself an asshole.  Whatever, I deserve it.  Morning Wood and Reeses Pieces aren’t really songs that I would play on stage at a comedy club.  So as I was writing them, I was writing them with the vision of making them into music videos.  Then, I decided to go to LA for the summer and film them with my good buddy Adam.

Q.  Did Reeses sponsor or pay you to write and film “Reeses Pieces?”

A.  I wish!  I could have used the money! We made both videos for under $1000. In all seriousness, do you really think Reeses could publically be associated with a video like that?  I’m sure they secretly love it, but I doubt they’ll ever publically admit it. 

Q.  Did you hire anyone or have a crew to make your music videos?

No.  They were made by just two guys: Adam Mutchler and yours truly.  Adam and I are buddies from Yale, and we decided to create these videos together.  I owe so much to him for helping me bring my vision out. Adam and I spent tons of hours putting all these scenes together and trying to make them as funny as possible. 

Q. If you didn’t hire anyone, how did you get so many different actors in the videos? 

A. Actors?  What actors?  Everyone in them is a personal friend of mine.  No one was hired.  Even the little kids are my cousins.  The only “professional” in the video is Andy Dick.  And Andy is a comedy friend who was awesome enough to believe in my vision and give me his time.

Anyone can spend crazy dollars and hire a bunch of actors to be in a video.  I thought it would be way cooler to make it with all my friends.  In the videos, I have a Rhodes Scholar, property manager, former pageant girl, NY Times best selling author, professional tennis player, porn star, lawyer and accountant.  In all the years of my life, I have become friends with a pretty eclectic group of people, and I’m lucky they were all willing to be in the videos and put up with me.

Q.  Wait a minute.  You know every single one of those girls?  How do you know so many hot girls? 

A.  I either have a really huge part of the male anatomy, or I’m THAT funny.  Hot chicks dig either of those traits.  I, unfortunately, only have one of them.  

Q.  Do you sleep with every girl in your video? 

A.  I try to.

Q.  How long did it take you to make the videos? 

A.  8 weekends.  Since Adam had a real job (he has since quit), we could only shoot on the weekends.  So during the week I would gather all the necessary props and pester all my friends to see who was available to shoot.  Then, I would figure out which scenes to shoot based on which friends were available. 

Q.  The videos look really professional.  How did you make them look like that with no budget? 

A.  Magic.  Fucking magic.  Most of the days, it was just Adam and I.  Sometimes, we got lucky, and a friend would volunteer to help for a few hours or a day.   Oddly enough, we never got a friend to help more than once.  But that’s either because I’m unbearable to be around, or it was a ton of work.  But the point is, we did all of this ourselves, and if someone notices that two college pals pulled this off with no budget, imagine what we could do if we had someone that wanted to give us a little money (hint hint) so we can get even crazier. 

Q.  Why do you dis Weird Al Yankovic?

A.  Because I think I’m funnier than him.  And if I didn’t think I was funnier than him, I wouldn’t be doing what I do.  Weird Al is considered the king of parodies.  But he has never had a challenger.  Every parody artist is going to be compared to Weird Al, so if you’re not better than him, you’re just a cheaper crappier version. 

Q. Do you have an album coming out? 

Yes.  My debut album just got released and it is a 5 song EP. You can buy it here- album/la-vida-sucia-the-dirty- life/id390345388

I have a full LP album coming out soon too and it will include the songs on the EP, and a few others that are even funnier.   And call me ambitious, but if Weird Al can get nominated for a Grammy for his latest 5 song EP album (Weird Al put out an album recently?), why can’t I?   That’s why I need my fans to help.  If you guys really like what I do, forward it to all your friends.  Only success will help me have a chance to get with Natalie Portman.  Because I know you were thinking the same thing I was when you saw “The Professional” for the first time.   And if you help me get with Natalie, I promise to videotape it for you and release the most boring Harvard-Yale sex tape ever created.