Hi, I'm Steve Berke.

I am a stand-up comedian and I bring my guitar on stage to ruin your favorite songs.   

You are here because you have either been to one of my shows, seen one of my youtube music videos, or are one of the many girls I’ve slept with and have finally figured out my real name.  Either way, congratulations.  You made it.

Speaking of the music videos—I made Morning Wood and Reeses Pieces with one of my best friends from college, Adam.  Just two guys with a camera and no budget.  And the occasional help of whichever friend was available that day to lend a hand or hold a bounce board.  You know what that means? Since they didn't cost me anything, I'm gonna keep making more of them.  But they are a lot of work, so I can only keep making them, if you want me to.   So if you think they're funny, and want to see more of my comedy, please forward them to your friends. Post them on your facebook, twitter, and your e-harmony.com profiles.  If I see my videos are a success, I'll keep making more. So please help spread the word.  I promise I won’t rape your mom or sister.